CNCF CTO Chris Aniszczyk


I am thrilled to introduce this definitive book on Istio service mesh technology, a revolutionary platform that has been rapidly gaining popularity in the world of cloud-native computing. As businesses shift towards microservices and containerized architectures, the need for a robust and scalable platform for service discovery, traffic management, and security has become more critical than ever before. Istio was officially accepted in the CNCF as an incubation project in September 2022 and has emerged as a leading solution that provides seamless connectivity, observability, and control for cloud native applications.

This book provides a comprehensive and practical guide to Istio, covering its core concepts, features and deep dives into topics like the xDS protocol. It also includes a deep dive source code analysis of the Envoy and Istio projects which can be very useful to potential contributors. Whether you are a software engineer, an SRE or a cloud native developer, this book will provide you with the knowledge and skills which are necessary to leverage the power of Envoy and Istio to build scalable and secure cloud native applications.

I would like to congratulate the authors for their outstanding work and thank them for sharing their expertise with the wider cloud native community. I am confident that this book will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in both Envoy and Istio and their roles in modern cloud native development.

CNCF CTO Chris Aniszczyk